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"Ignorance is never bliss in the long run!"


Holistic Approach to Vibrant Health

Verses Traditional Bullet Approach

Human Body is an Integrated System where all the body parts work synergistically with one another and with the nature. Bullet approach to sustain optimum health is never the nature way. As millions and billions of human beings are chasing for greater external wealth, obviously they want to have a quick fix method to their long-term accumulated health problems so that they can keep on busying with their unfinished tasks. With such a mentality, there is no wonder why human health is continuously  eroding. Human beings are now living longer but in poorer health.

We promote a holistic approach to live-long vibrant health. When the body is at its optimum conditions, the will will be at its sharpest. Creativity, mental alertness and productivity follow and thus create true wealth.

Take the example of people who consume nutritional supplement, the bullet approach will not do the intended job. Calcium and vitamin D have been tested for their effect on osteoporosis; vitamin e for heart disease, magnesium for irregular heartbeats or selenium to reduce the risk of cancer. However, nutrients have to work together :C synergistically :C to control oxidative stress. With the holistic approach where all the necessary nutrients are provided to the cell in a complete and balanced nutritional supplement, the combined effect is phenomenal. Life is just the same.


Holistic Approach to Life-long Vibrant Health - 10 Essential Pillars

1. Mental Management What's you mental state in doing whatever you are doing?
2. Sleep Early to bed, early to rise
3. Modest Exercise More important to exercise consistently than to worry about how to exercise. Schedule workouts. Choose a program in which you can remain consistent, and enjoy it.
4. Sun-bathing


"Life is a sun-child," says Dr. Oswald in 1885. Whoever lives habitually in the sunlight grow strong.


5. Food Food is human beings greatest addiction! Not only be mindful of what to eat, how we eat is equally important. It is not just what we eat that matter but what we ingest!
6. Nutrition Do we really need supplementation?
7. Fasting

Fasting is a rest - a physiological vacation. It is not an ordeal nor a penance. It is a house-cleaning measure which deserves to be better known and more widely used.

8. Spine Management How do we sit? How do we walk? How do we stressed out our back and spine?
9. Lifestyle and Emotional Management Are we falling into the trap of using our health to chase after wealth and later use our wealth to chase after health? Are we feeding our body senses sparingly and weaken our body and mind unmindfully?
10. Spiritual Cultivation

What's your life mission? What's your life purpose? How much time do we give to ourselves daily?

01. Mental Management
02. Sleep
    02.01  Sleep
    02.02  Sleep
    02.03  The Chinese Biological Clock
03. Modest Exercise
   03.01  Physical Exercise
   03.02  Chest Exercise
   03.03 Eight Supreme Stances Exercise
   03.04  Wrist and Ankle Exercise 返怎P\喀”躔
04. Sun-Bathing
   04-01 Sun-bathing
    04-02 Sunlight
05. Food
     05.01   Food Guide to Vibrant Health
    05.02  Eat Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Rightly
    05.03   Food Laws
     05.04   Whole Food Signatures
     05.05   Benefits of the Holy Basil (Tulsi)
06. The Nutrition
     06.01 Do I Really Need Supplements
     06.02 Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults
     06.03 Multivitamins and Healthy Immune Function
     06.04 Third-Party Verification POTENCY GUARANTEE
07. The Fast
    07.01 Definition of Fasting
      07.02 Fasting Among Animals
08. Spine Management
09. Lifestyle and Emotional Management
  09.01 Danger of Using Handphone
10. The Body and Spiritual Cultivation
     10.01  Bowel Movement & Waste Elimination
     10.02  Constipation and Natural Treatment
    10.03  Toxic Build-up
     10.04  Stomach Speaks


    11.01 Longevity Health Tips Mandarin