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Value-based Motivation & Team Synergy

In Creating a Win-Win Work Culture for All

"More than 100 Companies, 10's of Thousands of People

Have Benefited from this Training Program."


Times of uncertainty and challenging business environments have put pressure on every individual to raise the bar of performance! As company sets to DRIVE its business forward, the ability of its leaders to Lead by Example, the readiness of its Business Partners to be Intellectually and Emotionally Engaged with the company with the right Entrepreneurship Mentality, to Work Synergistically and Cohesively with one another, and to realign themselves towards the Corporation Directions, Vision and Mission are critical to organizational and employees¨ success.


This Activity Driven Program is designed to:

      Ignite Motivation and Aspiration from within

      Promote Sense of Belonging and Sense of Ownership

      Cultivate Interdepartmental and Group Cohesiveness

       Integrate Individual Values and Norms to Nurtures a Value-ful Work Culture

       Enhance Leadership and Entrepreneurship Competencies


Upon completion of this training, participants should be:

       Intrinsically Motivated to Strive for Excellence both in Life and in Work

       Able to Intellectually and Emotionally Engage with the company and in their profession

       Able to leverage better with one another to create Synergistic and Collaborative Intra- and Inter-department Work Teams

      Align Performance Behaviors to that of Corporate Vision and Mission  and Directions

      Possess Leadership and Entrepreneurship Acumens in Driving Business Results


Pursuit of Excellence

      Born to Excel

      5% Rule

      Valuing Self

      Is there Room for ^Participating ̄

      Intellectual and Emotional Acumens

      Aspiration, Passion and Action

       ^Why ̄ of Excellence

      Knowing and Doing

      Growing and Serving

Perceptions & Mindsets Managing

       Change or Extinct

       Dilemma of Choices

       Embody Change Pragmatically

       Perceptions and Destinations

       You Being the Boss

       Fundamental Expectations

       Who Am I

       What¨s In It For Me (WIIFM)

       Value and Principle-centeredness

Value-based Leadership

       Character Speaks

       Inverted Hierarchy of Needs

       Big Picture in Mind

       Entrepreneurship Mentality

       Professional Passion

       Life Operating System

       Human Doing and Human Being

       Wholesome Values to Embrace

Team Synergy

      Reason for Being

      Values and Philosophies

      Managing Experiences

      ^Listening ̄ Heart

      Emotional Glue

      Coaching and Mentoring

      Supporting and Reinforcing

     Leading and Managing

     High-Touch High-Tech Adaptive Leadership

     Leadership Styles in Conflict Managing

      Making Our Workplace Our Home

This Training Workshop Shall Incorporate Video Clip Presentations, Games, Activities, Songs and Music

Video Clips

-     Not Enough MoneyX音鰉 (1:28) C Value of Edutainment & Research; Fundamental Human Interaction Value Indoctrination

-     Titanic (2:05) C Letting Go, Be in the Moment, Be Our Very Best Self

-     Even Mediums Need to Change C Value of Edutainment, Change or Be Extinct, Never too late to Embody Change

-     Is The Market Competitive? C Face and Accept Business Realities

-     Tiger Woods Persistent Effort: The Excel, Consistently Right Effort is Imperative

-     Michael Jackson in Action (1:26) C Value is in Marketability

-     Emotional Marketing C Danger or Emotional Hazard and Emotional Intelligence

-     With Me or Against Me? C Highlighting Intra- and Inter-department Conflicts

-     The Price of Assuming C Pro-act instead of React

 Activities & Games

-     ^Wowing ̄ Reaching Out C Breaking Inhibitions, Enhancing Emotional Acumen, Cementing Bond, Differentiating Knowing From Doing

-     Game of Change C Embracing, Adapting and Embodying to Change as Natural Phenomena 

-     Human Entanglement:  Developing Beyond the Box Thinking, Problem-solving and  Coaching 

-     Perception Psychological Game: The Exposed and the Honest, Taming the Big Ego, the Need for Effective Positioning.

-     Positive Word of the Day C WIIFM, Power of Observation, Imagination and Emotional Logic 

-     Seeing is Believing C Danger of Judgmental Mind, True Test of Self-confidence, Facing Up to Reality

-     Hurricane Blow C Child in Us Never Dies, Joy of involvement, The Love to Win, Survivor of the Fittest, Strategic Team Synergy

-     Goal Setting Challenge C Experiencing the Self-imposed Limitation Syndrome

-     Chopstick Experience C Breaking the ^Impossible ̄ Mindset

-     Leadership Challenge:  Leadership accountability and team responsibility

-     Combating C Bonding and Challenging Team Relationship the Fun Way

-     Behind My Back C Eliminating Complaining Promoting Supportive Mindset, Enhancing Self-esteem

-     Magical Tube C Easy to Point Fingers, to Blame; who¨s the Leader? How Effective is the Team Communication?

-     Human Traffic C Dominating Leadership, Team Frustration, Activities or Productivities? Action without Preparation

-     Human Train:  Team Objectives, Team Spirit, Team Togetherness, One Cohesive Team!

-     Game of Giving: It is in the Giving that One Receives; Knowing is One Thing, It is the Dong that Matters

-     Face-to-Face Acknowledgement C Putting Intellectual Understanding into Emotional Doing in Cementing Real Appreciation and Team Cooperation in creating a Win-Win Work Culture

-     Sing Along: Enhancing Togetherness and Promoting Trust, and Team Spirit

The implementation of video clips, games or activities is subjected to the appropriateness, comprehension, flow, timing and environmental factors at the time of training.


       High Touch, High Visual Impact Consultative Presentation and Facilitation

       Challenging, Fun, Interesting, Impacting, Lively, Lasting and Transforming

       Activities, Games, Songs, Music and Video Clips are Used to Enhance Learning Experiences

       Fundamentally in Concepts that Can Be Easily Relate To

      Harnessing Group Wisdom, Learning, Discussions and Presentations


Links to the Video Shots of the experiential learning activities: 







 ,       2 Days


 ,       English or Chinese


             Days of Heads of Department, Managers, Executives and All Other Staffs who Work in a Work Team

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