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Stanley Cham (MBA, FICMA, RFP, ATM)

Edu-tainer, Motivator and Life Coach

Unique Edutainer, Powerful Motivator, Innovative Marketer, Master Communicator, Pragmatic Philosopher and Practical Psychologist by experience! His Professional Passion is in Training!

Specialize in Value-based Motivation and Team Synergy Training that guarantees to add unparalleled life-long values.

Stanley’s Unique Professional Proposition is in his ability to Magically Relate and Emotionally Mesmerize his audience with well-researched profound knowledge and training skills. More importantly, He Walks His Talk.

Author of Be Happy Be Wealthy” and a CD production – Awakening the Giant Within.”

Stanley started his career in the accounting filed, then venture into the sales profession and later into the training profession. He holds a MBA Degree from the University of Action Learning (Colorado, USA), a Fellow member of the International Management Centers Association, Buckingham, UK (FIMCA), a member of Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and an Advanced Toastmaster.

Successfully Conducted training for more than 100 organizations in various industries: Banking & Finance, Insurance, Multi-level Marketing, Property and Development, Information Technology, Non-Profit Organizations, Construction, Medical/ Pharmaceutical, Plantation, Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services, Travel Agencies, Hospitality/Services, Automotive, Government and Telecommunication.


詹筌順碩士(MBA, FICMA, RFP, ATM)        


·        優秀使命訓練機構首席顧問


·        榮獲美國科羅拉多大學碩士學位

·        英國伯明翰國際管理中心協會會員

·        認証財務規划師


·        從事企業教育訓練工作達10年以上

·        20年以上保險與直銷市場經驗

·        超越百多家來自不同領域的國內國外企業家曾受益于他的培訓課程

·        保險公會大會主講嘉賓

·        國際溝通與領導組織主席

·        國際溝通與領導組織主講嘉賓


·        書籍致樂致富

·         CD 喚醒巨人內


·        價值性領導激勵課程

·        價值性團隊協力課程

·        行銷與銷售課程

·        溝通與呈技能訓練


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03. It Must Be Good
04. Awakening the Greatness Within
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