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  1. Dedicated to those who have the desire to move away from "Employee Mindset" to "Entrepreneurship Mindset"; to move from the "False Security Mentality" to the "Real Freedom Mentality" through continuous personal and professional development.

  2. Dedicated to Those Who Want To Help millions of people who merely possess "Employee Mindset" to attain "Entrepreneurship Mindset"; to move from the "False Security Mentality" to the "Real Freedom Mentality" providing them the necessary and needed supports.

  3. Masterminding Forum where entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals share pragmatic ideas, leverage on resources and experiences and act as a support group to one another.

  4. A Networking Platform where members form strategic partnership to add "Unparalleled Wowing Values" in the marketplace in order to attract wealth to their professions accordingly.

  5. Free E-coaching from Stanley and appointed masters

    Spread the news about this ActionPreneur Network. It is indeed a great deed/charity for humanity with little effort.

    May you be blessed with abundance                                               

        With love and passion

        Stanley Cham

My Story

In 1974, I dreamt to be an accountant. As such I pursued my studies accordingly. After working for 7 years, I began to contemplate, ¡°What can my life be even assume my boss triple my income the next day? Can I afford to live my dreams? What¡¯s my future? Can I be financial independence? Can I enjoy my time freedom?¡±

It was obvious to me that the answer was a flat NO. ¡°Then what can and must I do? I am an introvert; I hardly have friends around; I can¡¯t speak English; I am lousy communicator.¡±

I thought deeply, ¡°What are my strengths?¡± ¡°I am an eager learner, I am hungry for pragmatic business knowledge, I am willing to learn, I am willing to work, I have dreams. These are enough to inspire me to go forward.¡±

I left my accounting profession and plunged into the sales profession in 1984 for I knew I have plentiful of opportunity to be trained in this profession. I chose an organization that is reputable to train their sales force. It is in this sales profession, I develop my entrepreneurship skills. Today, I love to claim that I am A Great Pragmatic Philosopher, A Great Practical Psychologist, A Mesmerizing Communicator and An Effective Marketer.   

My Passion is in Training and Coaching People who have the desire to grow themselves and who have the desire to serve humanity.

My Fundamental Principle in life is, "It is in the giving (give wisely, of course!) that you receive.¡± In order for our giving to be truly effective, we need to be A Person of Character and Value more that a person of success.

Now is the time, here is the place that I together with willing parties are reaching out to the world ¨C to those who have the affinity to work synergistically together with together  a better tomorrow.

          With love and passion,


Stanley Cham  6012 30 215 88

2nd August 2009

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02. Health and Wellness Strategic Partnership
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